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2010 Kentucky
Elk Hunt Permit
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Deadline to apply - April 30, 2010


Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River

Tug Fork River,up river towards Freeburn Kentucky   Tug Fork River at Burnwell Kentucky   Tug Fork River at McCarr Kentucky   Tug Fork River at at Turkey Creek Kentucky

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    The Tug Fork River with borders that connect parts of West Virgina, Virgina and Kentucky finds it's beginnings McDowell County in southeastern West Virgina. Float Fishing the Tug Fork River Aflex KentuckyA river tied to history from flooding as early as 1901, to a pig swimming the river, playing a part in starting the Hatfield & McCoy feud.


Today finds the river somewhat more peaceful with the completion of flood control projects, to mining regulations along its tributaries that appear to have allowed the Tug River to naturally cleanse itself. This has made the Tug River a destination for kayaking, canoeing and fishing. With a local business providing kayak and canoe rentals in Matewan WV, those who rent seem be looking for the same thing, a day filled with class 1 rapids while enjoying the surrounding mountain beauty.

Tug Fork River Access Ramp at McCarr KentuckyDuring early spring and summer the Tug River comes alive with fisherman on its banks or slowly floating in their kayaks, canoes and river pontoons, casting as they drift. They are after the two most popular game fish that inhabit the Tug River, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass. With over 100 miles of the Tug River bordering Kentucky, the upper 65 miles according to Ky Dept Fish and Wildlife has the best Smallmouth Bass fishing. Public access ramps for river boating is provided by the Pike County Ky. Ficsal Court at South Williamson Kentucky, and another at the McCarr Kentucky Community Park. One other public ramp location at the time of this article is at Warfield Ky. farther down stream.